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The body produces crack and deformation after repair methods
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:welding

1, the body crack repair method

1 bonding generatormethod. This method is using epoxy resin to bond repair, low cost, and easy to operate, the quality is better also, but I don't adapt to cohere at high temperature. This method is only suitable for repair around the water jacket.

2 welding method. Using non-ferrous metal welding electrode at room temperature, subsection welding was carried out on the crack in the welding.

3 heat welding repair method. When welding, using a blowtorch to selected parts for heating, to reduce welding stress and deformation.

4 fill plate bonding. The method is suitable for the fix crack relatively concentrated area.

2, the body repair method of local deformation

Local deformation body repair can adopt the following methods: one is to use a leveling scraper; The second is the use of grinding wheel to grind or use coarser ponder, and file for larger deformation of the body can also be used finishing milling machine; 3 it is to the body's internal different heart of inner hole boring and scraping

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