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A modified method of biogas diesel
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:engine

Biogas enginegenerator price is usually divided into compression ignition and ignition of two types.

Use diesel gas pressure ignition dual fuel engine, by a small amount of diesel fuel to ignite gas compression ignition combustion performance. This engine is the feature of diesel/gas ratio, when natural gas shortages even stop gas, the engine can still work normally. The disadvantage is that system is complex, therefore, large biogas power generation projects usually don't use the engine. Ignited biogas engine, also known as marsh gas combustion engines, is characterized by simple structure, convenient operation, does not need auxiliary fuel and is suitable for large and medium-sized methane project. Modified the biogas engine diesel engine. In addition to methane air mixer in front of carburetor, also need to install a electric ignition system, and increase the spark plug.

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