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The cause of the oil sump increase oil pan and solution is described below
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When the enginegenerator price under normal working conditions, the oil sump surface should be gradually reduce, because the oil consumption. Oil increased the work, the emergence of the phenomenon of fluid invasion, and input is greater than the amount of consumption, increase oil bottom shell oil, shows that oil bottom shell penetrating into the water, diesel or oil, they will reduce the lubrication effect, even will cause the engine speed, speed up parts wear or cause tile burning, will be the failure of the shaft. Oil at the bottom of the shell increase should immediately stop, until after 30 minutes, screw loose oil bottom shell oil plug, such as rain water drain or out of the oil and water droplets, show that water flow into the oil, such as oil flow dilution, dip in oil on paper used toilet paper point drop, if any trace of oil spread, spread, diffusion partial shadow with clear boundary, lubricating oil blended with diesel oil. In addition to the above two cases, mixed with oil. The cause of the oil sump increase oil pan and solution is described below:

One, the oil into the oil pan

1, due to the seal failure or damage, prevent the inside of the fuel injection pump at the bottom of the shell lubricants timing gear chamber, the fuel injection pump of the front of the connection plate is equipped with a tight seal. If oil seal failure or damage, the fuel injection pump camshaft, between the sealing surface is damaged, so that the fuel injection pump shell oil leakage to the timing gear chamber, and then into the oil leakage at the bottom of the enclosure, increase the oil level.

Solution: replace the self tight seal.

2 gear and hydraulic oil pump shaft self tight seal is damaged, the tractor hydraulic system, hydraulic pump drive gear shaft self tight seal is damaged, the hydraulic system oil along the timing gear chamber into the oil at the bottom of the case, the surface oil bottom shell oil increased. Solution: replace the self tight seal.

Second, the cooling water leakage into the oil pan

1, rocker arm cylinder lubrication bolt, 4125, 4125 diesel engine cylinder head rocker arm lubricating oil is loose, the engine stopped working, no pressure of lubricating oil, cooling water flow here lubricating system and oil bottom shell surface is increased.

Solution: should be timely and tighten the bolt.

2, cylinder liner, hydrosphere resistance aging damage, because of a diesel engine work severe water shortages or other engine overheating, hydrosphere resistance heating aging metamorphism, and water seepage; Install high resistance hydrosphere, forcing pressure shear failure, lead to leakage; Body with convex shoulder wear, no burr, installation, because of reduced resistance hydrosphere, cause leakage. Solution: body with convex shoulder nap, burr, should be the first to use sand paper to draw; When installing high neckring is not prominent, low-resistance hydrosphere, with black tape cutting width neckring around 3/4, along the circumferential direction on the toilet water to prevent anonymous inner circle surface, smooth inserted into the slot.

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