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power factory introduction:
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1) the production generatorof oil level. Oil in use process due to reasons such as evaporation, combustion, leakage, consumption gradually. The right height in the oil quantity insufficiency, the crankcase falls, can lead to bad lubrication. High oil temperature rise, which leads to the tile burning, piston and serious accidents. Oil if add too much, will there be too much oil engine operation was introduced into the combustion chamber, the piston at the top, inspired, flower plug or carbon deposition at the nozzle, etc. Such not only increase the oil consumption, and can make the internal combustion engine can't work normally. So, in the crankcase oil level height must be kept between, on the scale.

2) check the oil pressure and temperature. Grace is too high, and prone to joint leak or burst; Oil pressure is too low, will lead to bad lubrication, increase the wear and tear. Oil temperature is too low or too high, too, have adverse consequences, the oil temperature is too high can reduce oxygen metamorphic engine oil viscosity, lubrication is not reliable, wear parts, oil temperature is too low, viscosity, friction resistance increases, the oil cooling effect is poor.

3) clean. Regular and smooth or cleaning filter filter, filter, and pay attention to cleaning lubricating oil.

4) slippery oil, crankcase oil use after a period of time will be within the metamorphic, losing the original lubricating performance, so must be in accordance with the provisions in the instructions for use time oil change on a regular basis. Some models on working 300 h after more mixing internal combustion engine oil, usually working 250 h after the replacement rules engine oil at a time.

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