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锘縃ow to prevent the type 6135 B type diesel engine fuel injection pump pump body wear
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Type 6135 B type diesel enginegenerator price fuel injection pump pump body wear mainly because of the pump body and the stent due to the relatively loose. Therefore, can be prevented from the following three aspects.

(1) to correct installation

When installation should pay attention to the following: (1) fixed bolts should be diagonal set. If you set the lateral or rely on the two bolts on one side of the body, on the one hand may change the fuel delivery advance Angle adjusted, on the other hand may cause the fuel injection pump camshaft axis offset to the pump drive shaft axis, the camshaft is directly attached alternating stress and fatigue fracture. (2) fixed bolts should be 2 ~ 3 times of set. (3) fixed bolt tightening torque should be 1.5 ~ 2.5 N鈥?M between. (4) fixed bolts shall be set in place. As close to the body side of the two fixed bolt set due to installation position limit does not reach the designated position, the outside of the two fixed screw to tighten the excessive.

(2) to maintain the appropriate

In the process of using maintenance should pay attention to the following three points: (1) in the fuel injection pump oil quantity and quality to conform to the requirements. Such as poor lubrication, light make the driving part inside the pump of premature wear and tear, or make the bearing jammed, CAM to twist off. (2) the CAM shaft axial clearance should be appropriate, general is 0.03 ~ 0.15 mm. Clearance is too large, the camshaft wear faster, diesel engine running is not smooth, cause premature wear of the pump body. (3) of the fuel injection pump fuel delivery advance Angle and Angle of each cylinder oil intervals to conform to the requirements, otherwise not only can make the power performance and fuel economy of diesel engine, and will cause the diesel engine start the hard times, the operation is not smooth, cause the pump body wear faster.

(3) the check in time

Type 6135 B type diesel engine fuel injection pump pump body stents and loose condition, generally at the weekly maintenance check. If found abnormal situation or diesel engine pump body loose phenomenon, should check in time is tight.

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