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Choose the generator voltage transformer Attention should be paid to the following points
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The structure biogas generatorof the voltage transformer is similar to ordinary transformer. Lay in the silicon steel is mainly composed of iron core and winding outside the core of two winding, it will change from high voltage to low voltage.

The voltage transformer and current transformer

This is a single phase voltage transformer structure principle and contour map. The primary winding, winding W1, connected to the measured voltage. W2 vice winding for instrument, relay with 100 v voltage. Because a pair of winding current is very small, equivalent to work in a state of no-load transformer, so the voltage transformer can be regarded as the ideal transformer.

As Stanford generator transformer in the idle state, impedance voltage drop are rare. The primary winding vice winding voltage measured voltage U1 and U2 ratio is called the change of the voltage transformer. Because yuchai generator voltage transformer is change your high pressure to low pressure, when the voltage transformer winding insulation breakdown, can appear in each winding side of high voltage, to be on the safe side, vice winding circuit of voltage transformer and its enclosure must be grounded.

When choosing voltage transformer should be paid attention to the following:

(1) the working voltage of voltage transformer should be equal to or less than the rated voltage of transformer.

(2) voltage transformer rated capacity should be greater than the maximum capacity of the load, to ensure the accuracy of its corresponding. Used to plan the cost of electricity meter accuracy voltage transformer with a magnitude of 0.5, should be adopted for general measuring instrument and relay the accuracy for level 1 of voltage transformer should be adopted, the measured value is used to estimate the measuring instrument accuracy (such as a voltmeter) can be used for level 3 of voltage transformer.

(3) voltage transformers, relays and measuring instrument wiring should pay attention to don't, polarity, to ensure accurate measurement meter readings and relay protection action.

(4) deputy party load voltage transformer coil voltages shall be connected in parallel, voltage transformer windings are not allowed to short circuit.

(5) voltage transformer wiring of the deputy party for small generator neutral point grounding, in order to save a mutual inductance appliances, V, V connection mode can be used generally. With requirements of voltage transformer, deputy party B to the same period, when the voltage transformer, deputy party fuse fusing, vice winding voltage transformer will lose connect site B. In order to realize the protective earthing, should be in compound midpoint breakdown protector installed.

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