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The structure of the valve spring and maintenance
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the function generator 80kva priceof the valve spring is to ensure that the valve quickly falls on the valve seat tightly closed, and prevent the valve in the process of opening and closing off due to the effect of inertia force and transmission mechanism. Valve springs should have enough stretch, if insufficient stretch or break, will directly affect the working condition of the combustion chamber. For this purpose, the maintenance personnel when assembling valve springs, dealing with its elasticity. When the old spring free length less than the same type of new spring ca. 4 mm, should replace the new spring. Valve contains spring inside and outside, in the process of assembly should be inside and outside the direction of the spiral spring, prevent a influence another spring after spring break.

in the process of diesel engine is running, if the valve spring break or stretch, generally in the valve chamber cover internal tapping.

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