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锘?135 the piston connecting rod component assembly
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1 will be assembled generatorafter piston connecting rod component is clean dry, on the connecting rod under the larger cranium and tile coated with oil, and then make the piston ring staggered around 120.

2 will install piston with tapered guide on the jacket on the upper face, turn the crankshaft, make the cylinder connecting rod journal is in after the check point on the location of the 80 or so.

3 the piston connecting rod component in hands and slowly into the cylinder set inside it. When assembling the big incision should towards one side of the body have a window, with the hand gently press the piston at the top, with big end bearing inner circle connecting rod axis neck joint. Hand big end of the reoccupy after laminating, slowly turn the crank flywheel, turn to the big end to assemble the location of the connecting rod large cranium.

4 on the connecting rod under tile, put some oil on assembly mark on connecting rod big epicranium, screw on the connecting rod bolt, and then use torque wrench in 2 ~ 3 times evenly tighten to the prescribed torque alternately, 6135 copper plating locking screw tightening torque for 255 ~ 274, using phosphorus copper fixed connecting rod bolt tightening torque for 175 ~ 195.

5 after the piston connecting rod component assembly, turning to check assembly. If feel jam phenomenon or turning force is bigger, should remove the connecting rod large cranium to assembly.

6 according to the above method to other each cylinder piston connecting rod component assembly, each cylinder assembly after the inspection of the cylinder. All cylinder assembly is completed, also deal with the connecting rod screws tighten for further check.

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