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Starter operation weak judgment method
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:commutator

diesel engine 30kva generatorstarting, when the crankshaft turn don't turn or transhipment slower, make diesel engine can't enter a state of running itself, the main cause of this fault is the battery power is insufficient, the starting resistance is too large or electromagnetic switch contact and static contact activities within the after burning poor contact. Inspection methods are as follows:

1 check machine no viscosity. If the oil viscosity requirements, should be the next step. Starter starting resistance is associated with the viscosity of oil, unless in cold areas use winter oil and increasing the battery electrolyte concentration of sulfuric acid, starter operation often can appear weak fault phenomenon.

2 check whether the battery power is enough. If the battery power is enough, should be to do the next step.

3 check brush and commutator (or commutator) contact. Under normal circumstances, at the bottom of the brush and commutator surface contact area should be above 85%, if does not meet the technical requirements, should replace the new brush; If meet the requirements, should check for other projects.

4 check commutator (or commutator) whether there is the phenomenon such as damage, scratches, pits. If the commutator surface dirt is more, wash clean with gasoline; If there is serious loss, and serious wear and scratches, not smooth surface or loss of circle, the according to the situation for repair or replacement. Available when repaired the lathe turning processing commutator and fine polishing abrasive cloth. If no exception commutator working surface, should be to do the next step.

5 inspection activity within the electromagnetic switch contacts and two static contact surface of the work. If active contact and static contact burning phenomenon causes the starter operation weakness, usable fine sandpaper activities will contact and static Angle grinding flat head.

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