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Excitation-loss diesel generator output voltage drop caused by
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In high school generatorphysics textbook, all have already learned the principle of electromagnetic induction, the movement of the magnetic field generated electricity, the same movement in the current magnetic field, this is the law of electromagnetic induction. Volvo generator working principle is also from this and come, so since the movement of the magnetic field is the electric energy, so is it possible to Volvo generators will appear the phenomenon of excitation-loss? This phenomenon exists, if field loss to the power generation equipment, not only can't to the system reactive power, absorb reactive power from the system instead, cause serious gaps reactive power system.

Absorb reactive power is provided by the system reactive power, if the system reactive power supply can't provide this part of the additional reactive power, the system voltage will be significantly reduced. Not only affects the safe operation of excitation-loss auxiliary power unit, also can cause other over current power generation equipment. Is more serious is that the voltage drop, reduces the power limit of the other crew, could undermine the system stability, also may cause system collapse due to voltage collapse.

When the power generation equipment field loss, the stator current increase, cause temperature rise of stator winding; Run excitation-loss is generating equipment into operation of the extreme situation, and into the magnetic flux leakage increase phase operation makes the machine end, so can make the end core, due to the loss of components increases with fever, temperature rise; Because of the excitation-loss operation, the rotor induction frequency alternating current business trip in the ontology, difference frequency current and heat dissipation, in some areas, such as the slot wedge and toothed wall, retaining rings and ontology put it between loss may cause local overheating of the rotor. Due to asymmetry of rotor electromagnetic pulsating torque will cause power generation equipment and the vibration of the foundation.

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