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How to slow down the diesel generator parts wear
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If the operator generatorto use diesel generator set comply with the following precautions when lead-acid battery will be safe. To ensure the safety of the diesel generator set use must according to the manufacturer's recommended, correct operation and maintenance of the battery. Contact with acidic electrolyte workers must wear protective clothing, especially to protect his eyes

1) electrolyte:

Lead-acid batteries contain toxic and corrosive dilute sulphuric acid, touch will cause burns to skin and eyes.

If sulfuric acid splash into the skin, wash with copious amount of water.

If electrolyte splash into eyes, should be cleaned immediately with plenty of clean water, and hospital treatment.

2) gas:

Battery can release explosive gas, so should be the flash, sparks and fireworks from the battery. Don't charge the battery, near the smoking, it's dangerous.

Cut off the circuit to switch before connect and disconnect the battery, otherwise spatter spark may explode.

Before close the switch, make sure the connection wire fastening. Storage battery or batteries must have good ventilation.

3) mixed electrolyte:

If you get is a concentration of electrolyte, before use must use the manufacturer's recommended water dilution, had better use distilled water to dilute.

Must use appropriate container to solutions, containing a considerable quantity of heat, so the general glass container is not applicable.

Mixed should observe the following precautions:

First, add water to mixing container. Then add sulfuric acid, slowly, carefully, constantly to join in a row. Add a little at a time. Never to containers of sulfuric acid in water, or splashing out is very dangerous. Operator goggles and gloves should be worn at work, wear work clothes () or old clothes and work shoes.

The mixture cool to room temperature before use. To ensure the safety of the diesel generating sets the use of the use of personnel must be conducted in accordance with the diesel generator set use manual operation.

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