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The noise reduction measures
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:noise

Usually by the operation of generator

diesel generator set. If you don't take the necessary noise reduction measures, the operation of the unit of the noise will cause serious damage to the environment. In order to protect and improve environment quality, we must control the noise.

The main noise source

Diesel generator set production of diesel engine, including exhaust noise, mechanical noise and combustion noise, cooling fan, exhaust noise, wind noise, noise generator, the basis of vibration transmission noise

Noise reduction processing principle is to ensure that the ventilation conditions of diesel generating set, without reducing the output power, use, sound-absorbing materials, silencer, into the exhaust passage and exhaust system noise reduction, noise emissions to reach the national standard (85 db (A)).

Generator noise source is the most basic approaches, and some of the traditional technology to reduce noise; Muffler, sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration isolation.

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