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The analysis of export circuit breaker installed generators superiority
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in the United silent generator 20kva priceStates, Britain, France and other developed countries in the design of power plant, its export large capacity generators are considering installing GCB. The current domestic power plant adopt GCB or generator load switch power plant mainly has tianjin jixian, liaoning suizhong, the sensitive plant, power plant in shajiao C (3 & times; 600 MW), Shanghai waigaoqiao power plant (900 MW & times; 2), tianjin scenic mountain (600 MW) & times; 2, gezhouba hydropower, such as, lijiaxia, natural arch of ertan hydropower project. Past GCB mainly is widely used in hydropower engineering and power engineering, power grid in recent years, along with our country electric power system, large units, the development of superhigh pressure, how to simplify the operation of power plant, improve the availability of the unit and improve the system security and stability problem is more and more attention to by, and GCB superior features can completely meet these requirements.

at present domestic manufacturer is not capable of producing 600 MW grade large capacity unit with form a complete set of GCB, ABB, GEC ALSTHOM abroad only, MITSUBISHI and other well-known large companies have the ability to produce main technical parameters (see table 1). GCB type mainly has less oil type, air type, shape and vacuum type SF6 gas. Less oil type GCB as shenyang high-pressure company (hereafter called sacsc) in the 1960 s production SN3, SN4, rated current is 5000 ~ 8000 A, open circuit current rating for 58 kA. Air type GCB, such as A - A French company produces the PKG2 is 36 kV rated voltage, rated current 11000 A, 58 kA, open circuit current rating of the circuit breaker main product volume is big, loud noise, the lack of A medium, such as the capacity of the circuit breaker faults, gezhouba hydropower station is used in our country, running in good condition. With the development of electric power equipment manufacturing technology, companies such as ABB, launched in the 1980 s as a SF6 gas GCB for arcing medium, it USES the principle of SF6 from arcing, when moving contact head separate arc generated by heating SF6 gas, make its expansion to form arc gas, at the same time, current flows through the fixed contact within a magnetic field coil, rotation arc separation, guarantee load contact with arcing contact normal work. Type SF6 GCB at present the use of A large power plant at home and abroad, it rated current is 24000 A, the breaking capacity of 160 kA, and compact structure, lower failure rate (

not only can use the GCB protection of generator and transformer, reduce equipment maintenance time on average, improved the conditions for the same period, make the safety and reliability of the whole plant is greatly increased, convenient management, operation and maintenance of power plant, at the same time also can bring obvious economic benefits, make the whole power plant maintenance costs have been reduced in the life cycle, sped up the factory return on investment, so the large capacity of the unit motor export installing GCB is worth considering to adopt one of the solutions.

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