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Generating unit of choose and buy should be familiar with the use of the environment before
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Usually, beforegenerator generating unit of choose and buy, we will be on the current environment, take corresponding measures for its specific situation, ensure its current environment can be more suitable for use of the unit. We need to air, for example, in the other gases, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and so on. And when the room is located in the seaside, so, the air in the salt will be very high, and close to water, so the water contained in the air is also very high, serious when may lead to the emergence of a lot of fog, easy to cause oxidation on the surface of the unit. Near the desert, the dust and sand in the air is relatively more, easy to cause the unit rapid loss of some parts, if mishandled, cause a machine in a lot of dust, makes some pipeline, the phenomenon of the blockage of the unit. Similarly, altitude and rainwater enough change can cause the machine's power, the lack of oxygen and moisture content is overweight, can affect parts of the unit, make its can not be in the best working condition. Therefore, we must fully consider various complex climate influence on generator, to ensure normal work of the unit. For personnel populated areas needed for the generator, the required for the main is about the noise, temperature and dust, noise needs to carry on the corresponding processing, according to the requirements of the current and temperature is too low, we need to use the parts, such as water jacket heater where the sand is more, using high quality air filter to filter the air, so in a certain extent, we can ensure that diesel generating set in a different environment can be normal use.

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