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The reasons water leakage turbine gas
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:water

The reasons ofnatural gas gas generatorturbine has water Leakage

1,if the circulating water tank has water Leakage,it is not easy to find along the heat radiating core down penetration,we need to look at the bottom;

2, pump seal damage, circulating water will enter the sump, this should be very careful to observe the color, the oil pan and respirator (judged at white oil bottom shell water);

3 , water seal is damaged, water will flow out, this is very good and need to pay a lot of attention;

4, in the cold water will leak in the air Water Leakage, lower inside, up to the intake pipe flow, there will be a serious shooting in this situation;

5, oil cooler damage, this is to run the oil pan, the oil sump level and a lot of observation,

6,respirators; the other is not what deadly thing, we observe water stains that place, then dried to observe where the check, where there is water, find out the majority of the assembly problems.

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