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Common problems of diesel generator set
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Diesel generator generator priceby six systems, respectively is: (1) the oil lubrication system; (2) the fuel system; (3) control system protection; The cooling system. (4) (5) exhaust system; (6) starting system.

Apparent power, active power, rated power, the relationship between the maximum power, economic power?

A: 1) the apparent power unit for KVA, habit for expressing transformer and the capacity of UPS in our country.

2) 0.8 times that of active power to apparent power unit is the KW, was used to generate electricity in China

Prepare and electricity equipment.

3) the rated power of the diesel generating set is refers to the power of 12 hours can run continuously.

4) maximum power is 1.1 times the rated power, but 12 hours allowed use only 1 hour.

5) economic power is 0.75 times the rated power, diesel generating set is not restricted by time

The output power of the long run. In the operation of the power, fuel the most provinces, low failure rate

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