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Diesel generator field loss, whether can continue to run
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:excitation

Diesel generator alternator generatorfield loss, grid generation opportunities in phase, absorb reactive power to the power grid, the stator current will increase. If at that time with bigger active load, may oscillation out of step. But with a delay of over current protection will not necessarily.

After magnetic loss, whether can continue to run, and run of excitation of generator capacity and related to the size of the system capacity. Excitation-loss and allowed to run time after loading. After the large capacity generator field loss, should immediately from the grid of resection, stop processing. Diesel generator capacity is small, the grid capacity is larger, general generator in a short period of time is allowed, excitation-loss under low load operation, excitation-loss fault for processing. To allow the operation of the generator, excitation-loss fault occurred, should immediately reduce the generator load, reduce the average stator current to the specified value the following, then check out the magnetic switch tripping. If already trip should be closed immediately, such as destroy the magnetic switch not tripping or closed after excitation-loss phenomenon still has not disappeared, automatically adjust the excitation device should be discontinued, and rotating magnetic field rheostat handwheel, for increasing excitation current. At this time if still fail to restore excitation, can again a supply of standby exciter excitation for trial. After these operations, if you still cannot make excitation-loss phenomenon disappear, you can judge for diesel generator rotor failure, must arrange outage handling within 30 min.

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