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Head gasket failure causes and prevention measures
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:cylinder

General diesel generating sets generator supplierbecause working time is too long, can appear all sorts of problems. Even in peacetime to maintain continuously, but will wear is inevitable. Generating set runtime voice loud, cylinder pad slight damage is detected, if not timely replacement cylinder pad will lead to generator fault occurs. Diesel generator set in the work, if have applauded the cylinder around the exhaust noise, or heard of radiator with loud gurgling steaming, or check cylinder pressure between two cylinder pressure is very low, showing cylinder liner is damaged.

The cause of the problem:

(1) the engine fuel injection advance Angle is too large, the gas pressure rise too high, the impact of the heavy load and bad cylinder pad.

(2) tighten the order of the cylinder head bolts and the method is not correct, uneven tightening torque, the cylinder liner is not fully fit in the combination of the cylinder head surface.

(3) the mounting cylinder head deformation of cylinder head did not follow the procedure.

(4) poor quality of cylinder liner, uneven thickness, especially around the cylinder liner is not uniform, the most easy to be broken to pieces by high pressure gas.

Preventive measures:

(1) installing a cylinder pad, should be the combination of cylinder head and cylinder block surface clean.

(2) when installation, pay attention to the marked side of the front, the marked part number on the side of the locating ring cylinder pad, and make the oil hole, hole alignment.

(3) when installing the cylinder pad should also pay attention to the water, oil hole and locating pin to the positive.

(4) if replace a new cylinder pad, should check whether the thickness of the qualified.

(5) install cylinder head bolts before, should be in threaded place daub oil, reduce friction, make the bolt clamping cylinder head.

Tighten 6 must follow the order and the number of times requires tight cylinder head bolts, tightening torque to achieve a specified value.

All landowners in use should check the injection advance Angle, to ensure the standards are met.

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