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The influence of the injection pump plunger
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:plunger

Injection generatorpump plunger will affect the normal operation of the governor, easy to cause the engine speed, if not handled properly, will lead to serious accidents.

1, the plunger bending. Because of the piston for transport and storage and assembly do not pay attention to, lead to a slight bend the phenomenon of plunger, the emergence of this phenomenon, this kind of circumstance should be replaced in a timely manner.

2, plunger contact hair. Because of the plunger assembly is not clean, or impurities into the plunger, assembly do not pay attention to, plunger will touch the hair strain, led to the plunger. Therefore, the general assembly shall be installed to be careful, don't hurt plunger and plunger coupled parts clean, to prevent impurities from entering the plunger vice.

3, sleeve positioning screw. If the plunger sleeve positioning screw is too long, or install screw, it will be before the die set, so that the sleeve end, cause the plunger. Such as the positioning screw, can the appropriate file, don't forget to put the screw washer.

4, the foundation of the pump body. Due to the pump body is installed on plunger convex shoulder sleeve uneven or dirt, casing assembly precision, make the pump plunger assembling deviation, lead to the plunger. Check the pump body is not method, from the body, the fuel injection pump is connected to the low voltage circuit switch and open the fuel tank, the pump body is full of diesel, and clean fuel injection pump. Such as the discovery of oil spill, roller pump body foundation uneven, lead to leakage of diesel, old plunger sleeve are available, and on the shoulders of sandpaper, into the pump body, don't stop rotating, hit the sleeve grinding, smooth and complex equipment, check the leakage.

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