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Gear pump shut down after the seal failure and maintenance
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:pump

Gear pump in all generatorof the gear pump belongs to the quality is good and has some special application scope. But the stainless steel pump at work also can appear some unexpected failure, such as downtime. We it is necessary to analyze the main reason for the downtime, so you can avoid unnecessary machine after damage. Downtime is mainly caused by the failure of mechanical seal. Gear pump stop running after maintenance and seal failure. The performance of the failure are leakage, leakage reason has the following kinds:

(1) of dynamic and static ring sealing surface of the leakage, the reason mainly has: face flatness and roughness do not meet the requirements, or surface scratch; End face between particulate matter, two end can't also run; Installation does not reach the designated position, the way is not correct.

(2) compensation ring seal leak, the reason mainly has: gland deformation, uneven prestressing force; Installation is not correct; Sealing ring is not in conformity with the quality standards; Seal type selection is not correct.

Gear pump shut down after the request:

(1) conveying crystallizable, easy solidified, easy medium pump such as precipitation, stop the pump should be to prevent blockage, and immediately with water or other medium flushing pump and pipeline.

(2) heat pump stop shall be governed by the provisions of the equipment technical documents, should be each partial 20 30 min after stop turning, half a circle until the pump body temperature down to 50 ℃.

(3) low temperature when the pump stop, when no special requirements, the pump should be often filled with liquid. The suction valve and discharge valve should be kept normally open state; Adopt double mechanical seal of pump in low temperature, liquid level controller and sealing liquid pump seal cavity pump grouting pressure shall be maintained.

(4) centrifugal oil pump should be shut down after shut down the population of pump valve, stay cool pump before closing in turn attached to valve system. Accumulated liquid discharge pump, to prevent corrosion and frost crack.

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