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Diesel generator set can use biodiesel
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:diesel

Biodiesel refers diesel generator for saleto use oil crops, aquatic vegetable oils, animal fats, food waste oil raw materials such as oil, made by the ester exchange process of regeneration of diesel fuel. As early as several years ago, the world had study on the use of biodiesel instead of petrochemical diesel, a lot of progress has been made. The diesel generator set can use biodiesel? All over China come to your answer for you today. Not long ago, such as Shanghai's food safety commission office multi-sectoral cooperation with engine research center, will eat hutch waste oil (commonly known as cooking oil) to produce biodiesel used in diesel generating sets of auxiliary energy. Actually began in 2005, the study has begun. Study found that 10% of biodiesel mixed 10% petroleum diesel blended fuel, can be in diesel generator engine under the condition of use, don't do any changes for diesel generator engine performance, fuel economy and little influence durability indicators, but biodiesel oxygen, nox emissions increased, but the basic feel the change. This contains cooking oil fuel mix in Shanghai 3 diesel generators and 50 diesel taxis, accumulative running more than 1000 hours, temporarily haven't found have significant effects on diesel generator set. But experts say now stage performance of biodiesel is not enough stable, low added value, also cannot be completely used for diesel generating set.

At this stage can mix of biodiesel and petroleum diesel according to certain proportion, mix the fuel supply for use in diesel generator set. China believes that with the progress of science and technology, all people study will make a breakthrough in the field of biodiesel, so as to reduce the consumption of natural energy, protect the earth's resources.

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