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That should be paid attention to when diesel generating sets of commissioning items
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1. The machinegeneratorcan't parallel operation, but cannot cancel the screen in the interlock circuit when the mains recovery, confirm the operation time, the deputy main switch on the control panel part of the operation is not limited by "manual" and "automatic", but be careful.

2. When the unit running at full speed are not allowed to change the switch of "manual", "auto" position. "Trial" stop position is the "emergency" position. Therefore, commissioning stops, the unit after idle running, automatic stop, and entered into a state of "emergency" unit.

3. The main deputy control panel control panel and over current protection setting value, the factory, the main control panel setting on the generator current rating, while deputy control panel setting on the main switch rating. Therefore, after the installation, should be based on unit rating and the situation of the power grid, to setting.

4. If the installation or maintenance needs main and deputy touchscreen or power failure, should be the main control panel in the "manual" location, vice control panel open knife switch. On the other hand, to restore the palatial should be and vice touchscreen knife switch, the main switch, and then, again will be the main control panel in the "automatic" position.

5. When the master control panel "automatic", "manual" switch on "manual" location, diesel engine, control panel and vice touchscreen with manual operation. If the units in the condition of automatic operation, moving switch to "manual" position, the unit should be emergency stop.

6. If the capacity of the generator can't meet is not electricity, electricity load can be not important load of power supply branch, installed with automatic undervoltage trip switch. When mains power outages, automatically cut off the branch of the power supply circuit, in case the vice touchscreen overload trip.

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